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Bath Board Hire In Aruba

Our Adjustable Bath Board with Handle is designed to make showering safer and easier for people that struggle to stand for extended periods.

The surface has numerous holes that allow water to drain through.

The brackets that secure it to the bath sides can be adjusted, making it compatible with nearly all standard baths.

A grab handle is included to provide stability when using the board, and as leverage point to assist in transferring on and off.

The maximum load capacity of the Adjustable Bath Board with Handle is 120kg (19 stone).

Weight: 2kg (1/2 stone).

Length: 68cm (27 inch).

Width: 35cm (14 inch).

Depth: 4cm (1 1/2 inch).

The Adjustable Bath Board is compatible with baths that have an internal width of 39-62cm (15-24 inch).



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